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MediCaid delay - gap funding:  this is a huge issue.  States that do allow MediCaid to reimburse for abortion care still take forever to reimburse after the services are provided.  The day-to-day costs of providing the abortions: rent, doctor and staff salaries, etc continue even though it will take months to get paid for the services provided.  Clinic providers have said that that this is a huge issue. We could set up an account with RAD for providers accepting MediCaid, to fill in the gap between when service is given and when Medicaid reimbursements come in. This could be a revolving fund, paid back and reused over and over.  

For more information on establishing a Medicaid Gap Fund for the network of Whole Women Health clinics, contact Kristin Landis at klandis@wholewomanshealth.com

To fund Medicaid gap funding in Alabama, please contact Robin Marty at West Alabama Women's Center.

Resources for Abortion Delivery (RAD) seeks to protect and improve access to quality abortion care in the United States—particularly for poor and low-income people—by supporting the abortion care delivery system as it faces increasing challenges from economic forces, burdensome laws, and stigma.