Oct 2 rally for Abortion Rights

Grassroots power is built and maintained through strong organizations with the infrastructure and agility to deliver material changes in the lives of people in their communities, and maintain a vibrant and organized grassroots base with the power to defend key victories and win again, year after year. With that core belief in mind and the ask of our grantee partners to support them in leaning into this opportunity to skill and scale their grassroots power, Groundswell responded with the Grassroots Organizing Institute (GOI) and an Integrated Voter Engagement (IVE) program. Both of these programs have delivered major gains for participating organizations and the cultivation of a new generation of women of color (WOC) leaders who bring an intersectional race and gender analysis to RJ.

ACCESS removes barriers and builds the power of Californians to achieve reproductive justice.


Most people believe that reproductive health care is easy to get in California because we enjoy some of the strongest reproductive rights in the nation. Medi-Cal covers prenatal care and abortion, and low-cost family planning services are widely available. Legally, there are few restrictions on abortion. Yet, thousands of people in California still find it nearly impossible to act on these rights or obtain reproductive health care without a struggle. Reproductive rights are meaningless when you don’t know where to get birth control, no abortion provider accepts your insurance, you are afraid to seek prenatal care because of your immigration status, or the closest clinic is hours from your home.


Founded in 2015 under the name Lady Parts Justice League, Abortion Access Front  is a team of comedians, writers, and producers that uses humor to destigmatize abortion and expose the extremist anti-choice forces working to destroy access to reproductive rights in all 50 states.

We do the job that the media doesn’t, creating provocative and hilarious videos and social media content that educates people about the pervasive, discriminatory abortion laws that profoundly and disproportionately impact the poor and people of color. Another crucial part of AAF’s mission is to support and raise awareness about independent abortion providers. These clinics bear the brunt of anti-abortion legislation and harassment.

We also spend our time out on the road.  Abortion AF: The Tour is a year round comedy and music tour that borrows from a USO format- bringing entertainment, elbow grease, and love to abortion providers and their communities. AAF creates a fresh space for people to take action who haven’t necessarily seen a place for themselves before in political or reproductive rights movements.

We foster a multicultural, multi-ethnic, gender fluid team of creative activists who understand how important and rewarding it is to create content that comes from and speaks to a diversity of life experience.

Shout Your Abortion is a decentralized network of individuals talking about abortion on our own terms and creating space for others to do the same, in art, media, and at community events all over the country.

Abortion is normal. Our stories are ours to tell. This is not a debate.

Women Help Women

Shift is a project of Whole Woman’s Health Alliance that is working to strategically shift the stigma around abortion in our culture. Shift will educate and build community power to transform the political and cultural landscape around abortion and reproductive health. We are committed to fostering open and honest conversations, lifting up all communities, and advocating for reproductive freedom.

Our programs are strategically designed to address the shame and stigma attached to abortion, provide important resources, and support those who need abortion care through our abortion resources, public awareness campaigns, community collaboration, education, policy, and advocacy work. Shift’s dedication to this work is driven by years of experience in the world of high-quality service delivery and holistic abortion care.

​SASS provides information and support around self-managed abortion, to reduce any negative health impact associated with unsafe abortion methods, and to ensure that self-managed abortions are medically and legally as safe as possible.  SASS also seeks to raise the overall visibility of the safety of abortion pills and the prevalence of people managing their own abortions with pills and to work with allies seeking to make abortion pills more widely available in the USA. In addition to our website, SASS developed and promotes  Euki, a private secure app that provides a range of reproductive health information, including how to manage one’s abortion with pills.  SASS also provides community level information and training sessions throughout the US, with a focus on states in the South, Southeast, and Midwest.


Avow is committed to being abortion out loud and abortion positive in our approach to all our work, whether it is through our advocacy at the legislature, public education, or electoral work. We aren’t shying away from telling the truth. We ❤️ abortion.  

It’s up to us to stop new Texas abortion restrictions before they are exported to other states. Through community-building, education, and political advocacy, Avow is working hard to secure unrestricted abortion care and reproductive rights and freedom for every Texan.

When we fight and win here, the impact is enormous — it is a galvanizing victory for abortion rights and the larger fight for justice and equity across the nation.

we engage

We Engage's mission is to end the damaging stigma surrounding abortion. We Engage works to advance an abortion-positive change in our culture, supporting education and engagement of the public using factual unbiased information about abortion, abortion access legislation, and the truth about what is happening outside abortion clinics when people come to their appointments.

To change the “rules of engagement” on the sidewalks outside of abortion clinics or wherever the anti-abortion protester (anti) may be encountered. While the abortion clinic experience must ALWAYS be patient centered, we cannot turn away those who wish to do more than donate and must learn to coordinate with those that wish to counter-protest and defend the right to abortion.

Supermajority Education Fund:  we’ll teach you to have the kind of values-based conversations that will allow us to activate women across the country.


Our Youth are making a difference.  Please listen to Paxton Smith's Valedictorian Speech: https://www.npr.org/2021/06/03/1002831545/high-school-valedictorian-swaps-speech-to-speak-out-against-texas-new-abortion-l