Who We Are:  

ARMS is a community of individuals committed to mobilizing resources to increase women's access to abortion, particularly in areas where recent legislation has curtailed women's rights.


Our Goals:


1) Provide education and information on abortion rights, access and need:  In the coming months, we'll be speaking with clinic providers and advocates in key states including Texas, Mississippi, & Alabama.

2) Mobilize and provide financial and other support:  Following the lead of local and national abortion rights leaders, we will share immediate and long term resource needs to which members of the group can contribute.  Links, needs, amounts, and background info will be provided to our group as a guide---we can each decide for ourselves how and where we want to contribute.  

3) Organize and expand our network of support through friends and community: The situation is dire - the need is great - and the more we can do to increase our network - the more impact we will have!